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Tech & Transformation in Dodoma
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Technology excites many people, for it brings transformations in man’s life. The last thing people need in their lives is a technology that will constantly remind them about their questionable lifestyle choices and habits concerning different life aspects such as economy, politics and others. What interests many is not the quantified tech, but the qualified self technology that allows people to expand their range of experiences. Speaking of Tech and transformation in Tanzania; there are some technologies that are bound to be sung by many for they are to present new experiences to the citizens.
SGR Project in TZ Standard gauge railway is one among the biggest projects in Tanzania that covers 1219 kilometers and aims at connecting Dar es salaam, morogoro, Dodoma and Mwanza. The railway starts at Dar es salaam and expected to end at the port city of Mwanza on the shores of lake Victoria in Northern Tanzania. When completed, Tanzania will introduce a fast and modern train with a speed of 160kph while
the freight train will have a top speed of 120kph. The project is expected to cost 1 trillion upon completion and it has progressed to the second phase whereby 426 kilometers are constructed from Morogoro to Makutupora Dodoma.
Concentrating on the City of Dodoma, there are many trasformations which are bound to happen since SGR tech has commenced already. Generally you cant stop to put a glimpse on matters concerning expenses pertaining to transportation, goverment revenue as well as employment opportunities that may rise.

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