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There are many things to consider when you are in a relationship with someone as long as you want it to last long. Here are few considerations that may get you up and running with a strong relationship.


It was Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, that alerted us to the fact that the word ‘love’ is capable of so many meanings. Your partner’s definition of love could be to buy you presents, when you’d rather spend time together. You might think that you’re demonstrating how much you love him by telling him how proud of him you are while he only feels loved when you have sex. But if that’s the case, then you’re both likely to feel uncared for. But all is not lost. If you can talk through your differences and understand likes and dislikes of your partner; then make a conscious effort to try to deliver what the other needs, you can bridge the gap.


Apparently one of the most crucial factors in relationship success is whether you can each respond to each other’s emotional needs. This doesn’t mean that huge temper tantrums should be par for the course – unless, of course, you both enjoy the drama. But the ability to notice when the other needs support and then be prepared to put in time and energy to do so is vitally important. If he’s comfortable talking about emotional things, happy to open up as well as able to listen when you do that’s a really good sign.


It’s obvious that if your religious beliefs are deeply opposed, you need to talk that through. But even if neither one of you follows any religion, aren’t practicing, or have turned against your original beliefs, your attitudes to the topic will underpin your moral standards. Being brought up in a particular religion or in none at all may also have created
some of your most influential childhood experiences, and hence your personality. Make sure you appreciate what these means about each other’s world views.


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