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Batuli Mohammed, Beauty with brain
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It is another season where our reporters roam in different corners trying to persuade different winners to tell us the secret feeling behind victory. The golden envelope was opened and her name popped up, Batuli Mohammed; diverse kinds of feelings decorated the stage with a company of big applause. Life continued to this very day where Batuli tells us what good or bad has commenced in her life since that joyful day. It was the awards season, the time of nominations, shortlists and statuettes. And if you happen to be up for one, you’ll be in the spotlight. But how much more intense it would be if you are crowned so as to speak on behalf of the oppressed ones? You get to know that you are the ambassador of everyone in promoting peace and protecting the minority against gender based violence countrywide; how hard is it going to turn out? Then you come to realize that being a Miss Grand Tanzania means that you bear those responsibilities. You keep your head up and thank your lord while many citizens across the continent are settling down to watch your reactions and judge your acceptance speech.

Batuli Mohammed is an entrepreneur, a winner of Miss Grand Tanzania 2016/17 as well as a student at IFM pursuing Bachelor of Science in social protection. We asked her to describe the experience of being honored by Miss Grand competition which is simply a campaign to promote peace and fight gender based violence in Tanzania. How did the award change her? What did she learn from the experience? And did it really make a difference to her career?

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