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Just as important to the Jordan icon as his amazing play and remarkable marketing skill is the game he plays. Basketball is no longer the strictly white game that it was when James Naismith invented it as an American sport in 1892. On January 15 of that year the sport was first played in recognized and organized fashion in YMCA’s around Springfield, Massachussetts. As the game’s appeal continued to grow, it spread to universities around the country as a game played dominantly by whites. But this white domination did not last long because blacks began to play the game in the cities as a sport of their own in post-Civil War America. It has come a long way from Naismith’s original game — so far, in fact that the original peach “baskets” on barns have turned into rusted metal rims with chain “nets” on courts covered with broken glass in the inner city ghettos. It is now this image that defines a game that truly has become an African-American game. Black Americans have “invented” basketball just as much, or more than, Naismith did. Basketball has become a reflection of black ghetto culture, much in the form of jazz and blues music represented black culture in the American past. (George: xvii) Especially to lower class blacks in the inner cities of America, basketball has become one of the most expressive modes of cultural expression; much like music, literature and fashion in other forms. It has become a ritual of expression.

Sometimes you may feel like you have what it takes to be a pro in basketball by being skillful balck giant. When you experience some failure moments and hardship is when you will start to think that there is more to consider in basketball game.

What Does it Take to be a Basketball Player?

Being a basketball player does not imply merely wearing the uniform and just being a member of a squad. There are many more important phases to think about if you want to be a winner not only in basketball but in life as well. Ask yourself these questions, and answer them honestly.

Are you coach-able?

Can you take coaching? Can you take criticism without ever looking for an alibi? Are you a “know it all”? Will you always do your very best to try to improve? Do you have the spirit of competition which fires an intense desire to win?

Does it bother you to lose?

Are you willing to practice or do you want to practice?  You must want to work every day with the same zeal, speed, and determination you use during a ball game. Do you have two speeds–a Practice speed and a Game speed? The great players of the past were the ones who had one speed, and it was the same every day, every practice, every game. If you loaf and cheat in practice, you will loaf and cheat in a game.

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