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Is there a thing that changes abruptly in a sense that no one can dare try to stop it? Yes there is, time. Time flies and carries things with it. Time causes changes and changes occur with time. Technology is one among the aspects that changes with time causing big transformations in human lives. Technology advances everywhere and today we are going to look at transport technology in Tanzania particularly in Dar-es-salaam. There are various ongoing transportation projects in Dar-es- salaam; speaking on successful projects there is no way you can avoid to put a glimpse at mwendokasi project. Mwendokasi is a famous name usually used by Tanzanians to represent Dar-es-salaam rapid transport buses. Mwendokasi project is among successful projects in Tanzania for it has successfully managed to reduce traffic jam in Dar-essalaam. Thanks to Mr. President; John Pombe Magufuli for making the continua
tion of mwendokasi project that was initiated before his leadership period. Mwendokasi has strengths and weaknesses though today we are going to speak only about 1 challenge facing passangers of mwendokasi. What is the problem for sure? Passengers or regulations set? What should be done? You will ask yourself these questions when you see overcrowded people in buses. How many passengers should exactly use 1 bus? This is a question to be asked since we see people overcrowded in such a way that airborne diseases can be inevitable. Foreigners may even fear to use this service at this current situation. To save the reputation of this project and safeguard its resouces; something needs to be done to control number of passengers per bus. What can be done?

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