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The golden envelope is opened. It’s your name. And then what? Our reporters talk to Nelly Kazikazi about life after the applause. It was the awards season, the time of nominations, shortlists and statuettes. And if you happen to be up for one, whether it be employee of the month or the gong for best vegetable patch, you’ll be in the spotlight. But imagine how much more intense it would be if you are crowned as a queen of the crowned ones? You knew that more than 10,000 of people across the continent were settling down to watch your reactions and judge your acceptance speech.

We asked her to describe the experience of being honored. How did the award change her? What did she learn from the experience? And did it really make a difference to her career?
Nelly Kazikazi, winner of Miss Higher learning TZ, student at IFM pursuing accounting, CEO of Vaa design tells the mass about her wining mentality saying: “It is all about working hard and pray; it not only because am beautiful and attractive. When I enter competitions and outsmart my opponents with a smile, it is because I worked harder ten times with a struggling face.”
“Since last year, I am still introduced and written about as ‘Miss Higher learning TZ’; I even use it to my advantage sometimes. I met a photographer recently and said ‘Hi, I am Nelly kazikazi, do you study in any of the universities in Tanzania? He said yes; and I said well I am your queen. You should help me’. It’s a shorthand. I can’t say it doesn’t help”.
“Honestly the experience is exciting since I get to a lot of people, and a lot who get to know me but speaking the truth it also has effects but if you have brain it’s a good platform to do anything. And yes the award did change me since I’m not that shy girl who can’t speak in front of a crowd anymore; I’m a person who can speak with any person who has any status and this means I have highest level of confidence. Well what I learnt on being a beauty pageant is dealing mostly on creativity, not giving up, try new things each day but also get involved with a society much. What I’m studying is very different with beauty pageant but it is related a lot since Beauty pageant need skills and it doesn’t matter if it’s accountancy, social protection or anything. What matters is having something working your brain and so with my career it did make a difference since am able to connect myself with the society. Through beauty pageant am able to deal directly with the society and at the end still be an accountant who can bring difference. But the big thing about being a beauty pageant is it is fun and very addictive”. Nelly Kazikazi speaking.
We see her progress, as days go on and we see her achieving bigger things. She managed to feature a music video ‘kilio’ by WCB Artist Lavalava and she did it in an astonishing manner. Speaking of her winning mentality; it is oozing in such a way that any one could place a bet on her whenever she gets nominated in a certain competition. She conquers and roars; she wins. Truly she was born with a winning mentality.
We have seen her interacting with the society in a pleasant manner despite her achievements. She cooperates with her fellow friends to achieve their common objective; example at college. We have seen her conquering Miss higher learning competition and secured her place in Miss Tanzania competition. Everyone is waiting to see her performing in that competition, everyone wants to see if she is going to conquer it with the same winning mentality as she does. Truly; her journey has just began and it continues.

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