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Elnana and her Suppositions
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Meet Trina; her believes and expectations

Meet Christine Mosi ; as known as Trina Elnana. She was born in Kilimanjaro region, Sanya Juu Siha. She is a model, student at IFM pursuing Bachelor of Science in IT, furthermore; miss Kilimanjaro 2017/18.
She lives with her amazing parents who have been her number one fans and supporters; as well as her two brothers.
She is just a simple person; she enjoys little things in life; things that race her heart are like traveling, walking on stage, laughing to silly jokes and most of all enjoying quality time with her family and friends.She started modeling in 2015, she heard of a modeling agency called AreaCode255; they were calling for new applications so she just went to try it out and she was among the 6 Female models to be recruited. It was one way for her to realize her dreams.
“As I was growing up I used to admire models; I wanted to be on TV too, I wanted to apply lotion on a TV advert or drink milk and tell kids how the milk was amazing.
So as I grew up I knew the feeling of loving modeling wasn’t just a random passion; it was a calling. That’s when I took a step up to follow my dreams. It all started as a hobby but I get paid for it, so I am a professional model”. Trina speaking about the bond between her and modeling.

She modeled for a cosmetic line Kiss by Wema Sepetu and it was the best experience of her life.
She also appeared on a TV program “Dondoo za Urembo” by Timeless Hair and beauty salon in EATV and TBC1
She also walked for various designers for the most anticipated fashion
show in Arusha; “Arusha Fashion Experience”.
One time she did a shoot for “Binti Shujaa” campaign. A campaign that empowers women to follow their dreams.
She also worked as an usher in various events.

She chose to be a model because it was something that was closer to her heart for a very long time, as she was inspired by models, and admired the models ever since she was a kid. She wanted to touch hearts, she wanted children to look at her and say that they wish to become like Trina one day.
At first she had second thoughts whether to compete in the pageant or not. She had the fear of failure just because she had competed in a pageant before in 2016 and she failed but gained confidence in herself. “I am still learning from others; also even Pia Wurtzbach Miss Universe 2015 failed on 2 attempts to try winning and later won on her third attempt at Miss Philippines. Pia is my no1 inspiration in the pageant industry”; she said.

Abt miss kilimanjaro
“The competition was a real competition honestly. The girls were beautiful, each one of them had something that I didn’t have.
Pageants are not easy, any pageant is not easy. You’ll have to spend money to buy dresses, makeup, hair, and other things so I thank God with the little i had and from the support of my family and friends I accomplished everything”. Trina speaking about miss Kilimanjaro competition.
“God made me a winner, he has chosen me for a greater cause, and he believed in me that I am here today.
But I wasn’t reluctant even after nights and days of crying asking from victory from God.
I worked very hard, I wanted to stand out so I had my tricks that helped me to stand out. (There’s a saying that says “One’s weakness is another’s strength). Time management and consistency, that’s what I had throughout the competition”. Trina speaking about the secret behind her victory.

The first and second runners in Miss Kilimanjaaro competition were Finnah Mallya from Uru Catherine John from Boma Ng’ombe

And also something else that I’ve learned in beauty pageants is that you’re every move is watched by someone, so you should always be consistent in whatever you do (I’m talking about anywhere, at school, at your workplace anywhere).
A winner is not picked in the coronation night, she’s picked during the days in bootcamp, just little things can distinct the winner from others.

How she felt after being crowned.
She had mixture of emotions; she was surprised, she was in awe, perplexed, and so happy to the point of tears. But above all she was very scared, to face the responsibility as a beauty Queen. “It’s not always about the crown and the spotlight, it’s about how you use it to touch hearts and bring changes.  And that’s the true definition on ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ ”; Said Trina.


She wants to be an ambassador to promote tourism in her beautiful region Kilimanjaro especially the Mount Kilimanjaro and Kilimanjaro national Park that are most essential not only to our beautiful country Tanzania but also to the natives of Kilimanjaro.

She also wants to win The Miss World title in 2018 and become the first Tanzanian woman to win that pageant, and shows young Tanzanian girls and women across the world that everything is possible if you believe in God, in yourself and the process.

She also want to work for the day when people with albinism will take their rightful place in all levels of the society and all discrimination and persecution will be a faint memory
Apart from modeling
She is a writer; she writes short poems, quotes and spoken word poetry.
She is an advocate and activist towards protecting rights of people with albinism in her community.
She is also a Motivational and Inspiration speaker.
“My Advice to youths is that
you should never give up on your dreams, they are valid and at due time you’ll achieve them. And never let anybody dim your light, you are loved, you are important, you a capable, you are able and most of all you can achieve greatness”.

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