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Have you ever wondered, how and why some ancient writers came up with different stories that may seem silly though they are not near silliness at all? Have you asked you self where some popular stories came from or whoever wrote them what he or she had in her mind and soul? For example, the odyssey, the Iliad and others; it is not easy to write such articles of story but it is easy if you have something inside you called A TALENT.
Meet Frank David.
He is student at IFM, a talented artist. A writer furthermore you can call him an entrepreneur. He is highly talented in writing stories famously they go for the name of “Hadithi zetu”.Hadithi zetu they are all about life, love, witch craft, crimes and investigation stories. He usually writes stories to entertain Tanzanians and the world at large. He has written many stories to date such as utamu wa jirani, maisha, penzi la baba angu, kitanda kibovu, chozi la usalitti, kisu, siri za gizani, nyumbani, penzi la mke wa baba, chozi la mama wa kiafrika and many more. His favorite stories of all he has written goes by the name of damu ya baba. He loves stories of Erick Shigongo and so he is his role model. He also loves the story of think big as it appears to be his best story for decades.
Well, the question you may be asking yourself is how did he start? For you see a lot of stories that are already written to date. When he was a student back in primary and secondary eras of his life he used to gather people and tell stories to them. He saw what was in him, what kind of talent he had and then he saw an opportunity that made him to start paving his own way to where he is currently. An opportunity to him was a social media, he saw it as a mean to reach many people so he started using it and for that he was recognized and helped to reach many people. From social media he started to create soft copies of his stories and sell them via mail. He became popular in his own way that made him to have a simulizi show in times FM 100.5. Also he has an android app called hadithi zetu which is available at play store; hadithi zetu app will allow you to download stories of frank David. He managed to get sponsors like Tigo and Jackson group. Now he is planning to reach more people for he is planning to publish hard copies this coming December.

His goal is to open a story company and recruit different talents in Tanzania so that he can help them to achieve their dreams by utilizing whatever kinds of talents they have been gifted with. So through hadithi zetu we will see more and more blooming talents that have been hidden somewhere there because of 1 or many obstacles.
He is a living human being and speaking of being alive means fighting for whatever you think is rightful yours to keep your life goes on. Hustling has got its challenges and so he has challenges too. The challenges he face every day include means of payment from outside countries, the issues of story copying. Some of his writings have been stolen, some copied by others. And the last one is about contracts. The contracts he signed seem to be helping him less as he said he hasn’t benefited from them. His call to his fellow youths is to emphasize them never to lose hope. If they have talents they should go out there and show them to the world. Hopefully they are going to pay for their bills someday.
Thats all we have about Frank david.


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